(COLL)is a Solutions Centre that launches on 14th April which aims to help people who are struggling with all kinds of personal and professional problems that lead to stress and worry. Many studies prove that relationship issues, divorce, diseases, weight / image concerns, psychological / behavioural problems and career frustration are on the rise. These directly influence the rise of issues in Mental health and QUALITY of life.

We undermine them calling it “stress” but prolonged exposure to such stress results in Depression. Almost 20% of corporate India is said to be depressed. 50% of the people who have been depressed for long, think of suicide at some point or the other while close to 90% of suicide is actually due to unaddressed or overwhelming depression. Children and Teens are also presenting new parenting challenges that give parents sleepless nights. Our world is changing and not for the better. We all need help sometime or the other. COLL aims to plug this gap by offering self -help material on a variety of subjects ranging from Parenting, Adult Relationships, Divorce, Managing workplace relationships, Youth concerns etc.

Having witnessed the deaths of few teens and suicide by adult friends; Seema Raghunath, the Founder of COLL says she knew something had to be done quick. “If people cannot be pulled towards solutions and help – can it go to them? If a space is created where information, data, facts, evaluations, potential solutions are packed into modules addressing common problems … will proactive people reach out ? There is only one way to find out. To actually have that space. That is the birth of It comes from a desperate bid to help those who want to help themselves and those they love. “

The complexity of our times lies in the fact that while we are burdened by several problems and stress causing conditions; our mentality does not permit us to accept the fact that we need help. A vast majority of Indians prefer to keep their problems to themselves because there is taboo attached to admitting stress is getting to you. The other reason why people don’t get professional help is –MONEY. People are reluctant to spend money on counselling sessions. Each session with an expert can cost approximately INR 2000 for counselling to 6000 per session if it is with a Life Coach. A person requires about 5-6 sessions at least to really arrive at solutions. Strangely we are okay as a society to spend 18,000 to 35,000 on cosmetic procedures and beautification but not on mind health that improves the quality of everyday living. COLL survey revealed what Indians want most are …

1) Privacy and confidentiality
2) Affordable solutions
3) Easy access – people do not like going somewhere and waiting to meet a specialist. Time is now a precious commodity especially for the working professionals.

4) Prefer self-help first before going to an expert but don’t see any place they can turn to which is a hub for such solutions.

COLL is the answer for all of the above. The website offers modules that are easy to access by phone or the computer. They are presented in a simple way for mass appeal. Nominally priced – at only INR 300. Solutions will now become accessible at the price of a snack. Books on the same subjects will be published by Storymirror and will hit the stands starting June 2017.

“Don’t linger on with your problems. Being proactive can restore balance and calm in your life sooner. COLL is here to make that possible for you. Take advantage of it. Inform your friends and family…you never know who is suffering with what problems. Help is a common need.“