Carla Bruni, Former First Lady of France came hard on President Donald Trump and deprecated Melania’s modeling days. She rebuked both abandoning diplomacy in a recent interview.

Bruni, who is a singer and songwriter, having married to former French President Nicholas Sarkozy since 2008, gave an interview to The Daily Beast where she made the scathing attack.

The former First Lady of France was previously reported to be in an affair with Trump after the latter went to the press to claim that he was in a relationship with the model. In 1991, Trump said that he planned to leave Marla Maples for Bruni.

However, the claim turns out to be fake since Trump is said to have planted the story himself by posing as his own PR representative. Bruni slammed Trump for being a lunatic and claimed that she had been ‘deeply embarrassed’ by the whole ordeal.

The report from The Daily Beast, which was published on Sunday, mentioned that the 49-year-old gave no concessions on her earlier comments.

“The whole situation was very vague and just did not exist. So I was very surprised when he went to the press,” she said, maintaining that Trump planted the story himself. “It was a lie,” she added.

When Bruni married Sarkozy, she was a world-renowned supermodel with a backlog of rock-star boyfriends including Mick Jagger. According to Bruni’s claims, her legitimate, independent fame sparked the controversy and also emerged the nude photographs of her when she became France’s first lady.

Her nude photo scandal, she said, could not be compared to that of Melania Trump, 47, who endured having naked photographs she’d posed for as a young model splashed across The New York Post in 2016.

Bruni said she was not ashamed of them and that they were ‘more artistic’ than Melania’s because her body is ‘skinny’ and not ‘overly sexy’.