While President Donald Trump was receiving heavy criticism for the lack of proper planning of Easter Egg Roll in White House which has been a tradition on every Easter Monday since 1878, he didn’t fail to celebrate a private, invitation-only Easter Egg Roll for the rich and powerful at his Mar-a-Lago resort, where it was perfectly planned and executed.

Meanwhile, in White House, the planning of event lacked proper supervision. Usually, the event is supervised by the First Lady but since Melania has been largely absent from the White House, the event was organized at the last minute with vendors complaining of missed deadlines.

The President was more concerned about the event at Mar-a-Lago but showed the least interest at the event in White House. Easter Egg Roll event was done in Mar-a-Lago which was open only to Trump’s invited guests but closed for the press. However,  one person could manage to observe the preparations for the event in the resort from the distance.

He immediately took to twitter to apprise about the private event being held at Mar-a-Lago.:

What a way to celebrate the holiest day in a Christian tradition! Hypocritical President didn’t care about the poor and he could only care about his rich friends and elite cronies.