Unlike President Donald Trump, Former President Barack Obama celebrated Father’s Day honoring his daughters on Sunday.

“Of all that I’ve done in my life, I’m most proud to be Sasha and Malia’s dad. To all those lucky enough to be a dad, Happy Father’s Day!” the former president said, retweeting a picture former first lady Michelle Obama posted of the president and his younger daughters.

While President Trump’s son tweeted on Sunday wishing the President “Happy Father’s Day”, but President Trump, tweeted regarding a poll of his approval rating and how it is better that Obama’s. He even slammed the ongoing “witch hunt” FBI investigation into Russian meddling in the election and possible collusion between members of the Trump campaign and Moscow.

This goes on to prove that how much President Obama adores and respects his relationship with Michelle and their daughters. While President Trump only finds these opportunity to attack his opponent and boast about his achievement which he only regards.

President Obama redefines the class at every opportunity, while Trump put his family and himself down at every opportunity.