President Donald Trump time and again boasts about his triumph at last year’s presidential election. Today, he once again attacked Hillary Clinton with a nonsensical tweet and boasting his victory during his last year election only to draw attention away from the mounting evidence surrounding his own obstruction of justice allegations.

The Briefing was a subpage of Hillary Clinton’s campaign website which was created last year to set the facts straight about Clinton, Donald Trump, and the campaign. But the Twitter account has been inactive since the day before the election. However, after more than seven months, the Briefing comes back to life with a single tweet.

The Briefing gave a befitting reply to Trump with a single GIF that just rightly expressed the sentiments of millions of Americans, who were wondering how it is possible that the so-called leader of the free world has failed to move on from a campaign that he won more than half a year ago.

For a man who can only express himself in 140 characters or less — and poorly at that — a GIF is that perfect response. Bonus points for incorporating Ferris Bueller (suspiciously close to special prosecutor Robert Mueller — coincidence?).