The ongoing investigation into Trump campaign’s Russia connections reveals shocking details almost every day yet Trump dismisses it saying “FAKE NEWS”. By now it’s revealed that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions had several meetings with Russian officials.

The former United States Ambassador to Russia today mocked Trump and Sessions on Twitter mercilessly.

After Comey’s testimony, Sessions gave his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday and tried to evade questions regarding his meetings with Russians, in particular Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, saying that he “couldn’t recall” details. Continues questions at Sessions made him backtrack on the meeting in a matter of seconds:

The suggestion of McFaul’s message couldn’t be more clear.

Ambassador Kislyak shouldn’t have met with any presidential candidates, surrogates, or attended any campaign events. The fact we know he did should raise grave concerns about collusion. Ambassadors have no place injecting themselves into foreign elections.