When Donald Trump became the President, nepotism took a center stage in White House. Almost every department is connected to either Jared or Ivanka. If this wasn’t enough, Trump just made another announcement which brings much shame to the U.S at an international stage.

Trump today announced on Twitter that Ivanka will be leading the American delegation to India in the fall, with the aim of supporting female entrepreneurship:

Ivanka Trump’s to lead the female entrepreneurship is an embarrassment to the United States and it’s nothing less than a cynical insult to women everywhere. First Daughter’s boasts of being a feminist and a women’s rights activist but her action shows otherwise. She couldn’t call out her father’s misogyny and even now she continues to exploit the sweatshop labor in Asia.

Evidently, she’s more concerned with appearance than substance. Ivanka just desires the label of activist without putting in even a shred of the work necessary.

Ivanka is utterly unqualified for this latest appointment. She has no idea what she’s talking about, but can’t resist the urge to seize the limelight. In that sense, the Trump blood flows strongly in her veins. The announcement also reveals her as an outright liar, because she previously stated: “I try to stay out of politics.”