For several days, President Donald Trump maintained that he’s not under an investigation but now he has finally accepted that he’s involved in an investigation of Russia’s meddling in 2016 election.

President Trump conceded the fact on Twitter on part of his four-part tirade this morning. He started curiously and ended with confirmation that he is under investigation.

It seems Trump has forgotten that only a few weeks ago, he assured everyone that he is under investigation, a claim affirmed by fired FBI Director James Comey in last week’s blockbuster testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Furthermore, Trump lied that his Twitter followers are over 100 million but in fact, he has 35.1 million followers and half of which are estimated to be bots.

Now the true fabrication here is that who has a problem with Trump’s tweets and who loves them. Most of the Americans hate his early morning Twitter ramblings, while the media and progressive activist have field days with his nonsense.

Later, Trump spits out a Nixonian “Witch hunt!” and distracts briefly to praise the job numbers that have carried over from previous years, but he called “fake” during the administration of President Obama:

And finally, Trump confirms that he is under investigation for obstruction of justice and repeats his Nixonian defense:

And this, Mr. President is why your accomplices may want you to put your phone down, but your opponents are happy to have you tweet all the way to impeachment.