President Donald Trump this time is hell-bent on breaking the US-Cuba relations which were restored by the Obama administration. Trump announced that his administration prohibits to allow the Cubans to enter America.

However, Trump declared that he is restoring some travel and economic restrictions on Cuba which were lifted during Obama administration’s historic easing. He also challenges the country’s communist government of Raul Castro to offer a better deal for Cubans and Cuban-Americans.

Trump announced his decision at a speech in Miami, adding that Cuba had grasped far too many concessions from the US in the “misguided” deal but “now those days are over.” He also clarified that penalties on Cuba would remain in place till the country’s government won’t release political prisoners, stop abusing dissidents and respect freedom of speech.

“America has rejected the Cuban people’s oppressors,” Trump said in a crowded. “They are rejected officially today — rejected.”

Trump’s announcement of a full reversal of the Cuba rapprochement, targets the travel and economic engagement between the countries, which flourished for a short time after the relations were renewed. However, Trump breaking relations in an aim to stop the flow of US cash to the country’s military and security services in order to increase pressure on Cuba’s government.

Embassies in Havana and Washington will remain open. Apart from the travel and economic engagement, Women sill allowed to serve the island 145 kilometres south of Florida.

Previous policy allowed most of the Cuban migrants stay if they made it to US soil but it was terminated during Obama’s regime, will stay terminated. But Americans won’t be allowed to take trips to Cuba, which was allowed by Obama for the first time in decades, will be again be terminated.

Nevertheless, Remittances to Cuba won’t be cut off.

President Trump claims that this move has been taken to boost the pressure to create a “free Cuba” after more than 50 years of communism.

“I do believe that end is in the very near future,” he said.