President Donald Trump is now on a 17-day vacation and during his first day of his trip, he tweeted, from his Bedminster, NJ golf club insisting that he was on “a working vacation”.  However, his cover was soon blown when Instagram immediately exposed him for lying yet again to the American people.  Of course, he was golfing instead of working for that’s what Donald Trump does.

While, Politico has now reported that Trump will visit New York for a three-night stay at Trump Tower — a city that didn’t welcome him with open arms after becoming president.

“The president is scheduled to depart his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club, where he has been working and vacationing this week, on Sunday afternoon and travel directly to Trump Tower, where he will hole up at his beloved, three-story penthouse on the 66th floor for three nights,” states Politico.

Since President Trump considers the White House a “dump,” his innate need for being girded by gold must have thrust into high gear.

Reportedly, Trump will be conducting “internal meetings” while in New York before traveling back to Bedminster on Wednesday.

For anyone who didn’t see it, Trump blamed White House renovations for his insatiable vacation habit: