An MP in the UK has just revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin hindered with the most recent UK election in 2015. He also has a proof to support his claim. Former Europe Minister, Labour MP Chris Bryant made the shocking statement in London while pushing sanctions to Russian oligarchs, according to The Independent.

“There is now clear evidence of Russian direct, corrupt involvement in elections in France, in Germany, in the United States of America, and I would argue also in this country,” Bryant said. “Many believe that some of the highest level decisions affecting security in the United Kingdom, in Germany, in France and in the United States of America are now compromised by Russian infiltration.”

In a video here, Bryant criticizes Russia’s bizarre, posthumous trial of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. In 2012, a travel sanction for America which was named after Magnitsky was passed in the parliament. Bryant also criticized the UK’s failure for putting up to those restrictions.

In the UK’s government, MP Chris Byrant has the reputation of the highest ranking member to unambiguously state that Russia has meddled with their electoral process. He has also stressed the importance of the UK taking action against Russia urgently. The reason for his decision is primarily because of the absolute absence of leadership from America to confront the dictator since he has been launching aggressive cyber-attacks on western democracy. This has resulted in the most pressing international crisis in decades.

Thus, America’s closest ally has just openly revealed that our new President is no longer the Leader of the Free World, but unfortunately a smaller man in the slave of Russia’s dictator, within one month into Donald Trump’s term.