A 12-year-old American kid Joseph Moreno, who had just spoken out in opposition to Trump’s draconian policies at a city council meeting in Huntington Park, California, was met with a Trump fan draped in a flag who tried to instigate him for a fight.

The Trump fan was obnoxiously chorusing “American! American!” in support of the President, confronted Moreno calling him a “brainwashed little boy” for his comments during the meeting.

“I’m a racist? Do I look racist? You have no idea, you’re just a little boy! … It has to do with common sense. Am I a racist?”

“Hey, hey, hey. It’s not worth fighting a little kid, right?”

“So am I a racist?” the man pressed, over and over. “So am I a racist? So am I a racist?”

Moreno had it enough from him and decided to give him a befitting reply in clear and simple terms. His mature statement decimated the Trump fan’s argument.

“You’re not a racist, but the guy you voted for…”

This misguided man thought he found easy prey in a 12-year-old but instead got humiliated.

Watch the entire exchange below:

MUST WATCH! love this boy so much! ❤️. He gave an amazing speech at the podium at Huntington Park City Council Meeting. Mark my words.. he is a future leader! ✊🏼😊❤️

Posted by Veronica Tomas on Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017