Comedian Chelsea Handler came hard on Ivanka Trump for her incompetence in the Trump administration and also gave some advice to her as part of Father’s Day.

Handler previously had made it clear that had she been in Ivanka’s shoes, would have dissuaded her own father from running for President.

“As a woman, I would never let my father run for president, knowing what I know about my father,” she told Conan O’Brien earlier this year. “But my father’s not even half as bad as Donald Trump.”

While Father’s Day is just around the corner, Handler thought that it would be a perfect time to use it a segment of her Netflix show this week to provide more advice to first daughter and official White House “assistant.”

“Ivanka was sold to us as the progressive voice of reason who would be able to moderate Trump’s crazy impulses,” Handler said. “But whenever he does anything reprehensible, she skips town,” she added. Handler didn’t fail to add the various ski trips that have taken her out of Washington at inopportune times to make a point. “Ivanka was supposed to be our Wonder Woman, but now we’re just wondering where the fuck that woman is.”

Handler volunteered herself to be “the woman behind the woman on the man’s lap” for Ivanka Trump. “Listen up, bitch,” she said. “I know you’re approaching this in the traditional way that daughters typically show fathers how much they care… by whining about the vicious media on Fox & Friends.”

“But your father isn’t normal. And I know this because my father isn’t normal either,” Handler continued. “He’s also a crazy, narcissistic bullshit artist, who just like your father probably has syphilis.” Like Trump, she described her own father as a “horny geriatric with no moral compass who imported a hot immigrant wife,” asking, “Sound familiar, Ivanka?”

Watch Chelsea Handler’s little piece of advice for Ivanka citing the Father’s Day.