President Donald Trump and his cronies are hell-bent on bringing back its repeal of the Affordable Care Act back from the dead.  “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert took hilarious potshots at Trump and Republicans.

On Thursday’s episode, Colbert took an aim at President Donald Trump and Republicans endeavour to revive their bill, and he hilariously calls it as “Zombie Trumpcare.”

“Unlike Obamacare, under the new plan, individual states would be allowed to not cover pre-existing conditions,” he said. “That’s why New Hampshire is changing their license plate from ‘Live Free or Die’ to ‘Live Here and Die.’”

Colbert also said he couldn’t wait for Trump’s first 100 days to be over. “It’s just so exhausting watching this man try to accomplish something,” he said.

Watch Stephen Colbert’s hilarious take on Trumpcare revival here: